It was one of these days…

…where I searched through Netflix to check out who is next. I looked through the movies…nope, already seen all that Al Pacino Mafia stuff. What about How I met your mother – again? Funny enough, but nope…oh, look at that, there is Friends on Netflix. I can remember having seen it almost ages ago and it was quite funny back then with their cute German voices. But wait, there was this snooty Rachel, know best Monica, a very simple Joey, this look-how-bad-I-messed-it-up Ross and a Phoebe who could not play the guitar. But Chandler Bing was a funny guy. So do I really wan…yes, I do give it a try again.

And what did I found? I found a series that really caught me, that keeps me up in the night after I decided „ok, just one more (as each episode is just 22mins long) and then I am done for today“. I found some kind of magic in those 6 guys that I thought cannot really exist on TV screens, in scripted realities (yes, even the gold miners in Alaska were scripted…) and after having suffered with and through all episodes of How I met your mother. But here I am, having created a blog as a friend of Friends after I found myself in a situation where I thought „oh god, what do I do without them when I watched all 10 seasons?“. Sidenote: this thought hit me mid season 3 ­čÖé

So what happened here with me and Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel? How did we become Friends? As I am German I was watching the series in German first. But in episode 5 of season 1 Ross all of a sudden brings ├ťberweiss Waschmittel (detergent) to his date with Rachel in the coin laundry and I was very interested in the positioning of German goods in an early-90s series from the US. Thank god and Netflix that I can change the language instantly from German to English and so I heard Ross say „It’s ├ťberweiss. It’s new. It’s German. It’s extra tough!“. It was so incredibly funny and I was so incredibly unprepared that I remember having lost some pieces of my midnight snack from my mouth, this is how much I had to laugh. Well, since then I only watch it in English and I love it. The original voices and the original humor and well-performed everyday life situation really got me. A lot was written and said about the amazing way the 6 characters have fit and worked great togehter, and yes I absolutely confirm that.

So these are my stories, my thoughts and shares about the 6 Friends.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy or enjoyed the series.



Berlin, Germany

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