How much time did I spent with watching Friends or The one with time theory…

Some days ago when exploring the blog of neuesvomschreibtisch I found a funny website there which seem to be made just for series junkies like me.

Because there I found http://tiii.me which is a page where you simply enter the series that you are just watching now…or used to watch or still planning to watch some day, and it will tell you how much time you have spent already. I tried and but now I am not sure if I really like what I saw. Maybe sometimes it is better to avoid the bitter cold facts of life. I am now mid season 6 of Friends and if the tool is correct (I did not yet cross-check) than I have spent more than 2 entire days now with watching, hoping, laughing, facepalming, predicting, looking back and into the future with and for Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross. I went through the whole set of emotions I guess, but 2 full days?

I suppose there must have been an error in the Matrix or in the time space continuum, so let me get this straight. Mid season 6 is 130 episodes * 22min each = 2.860 minutes / 60 = almost 48 hours which means…ok, I got it.

But isn’t this incredible how you magically find the time for the things you like? I mean I usually complain about how little time I do have for all the things I want to do. How I am discussing with my buddies if it might help when the day would have 26 hours and maybe 8 days (still without a Monday for sure). Or how I was one of the first wanting to vote for cancelling the stupid summer / winter time shift in Europe.

But would that give me more time? If so, what would I actually do with it? Would I use it watching more Friends, counting the hours, writing it in my blog and complaining about so little time? Most likely…so I think this will only lead into troubles and running in circles…so I better go back to Netflix and simply accept that I can be causative about my time management…which I obviously am.

But hey, if that doesn’t give a good feeling…

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