I need a break or The one with the cold turkey

Wait, that’s it for a second. I had a little Friends marathon with 6 or 7 episodes in a row these days and I think I need a little break to get this all clear. Although it’s not time that I need to understand all of what happened recently, it more like the mere amount of occasions. And no, I do not need any kind of turkey breast sandwich along with that.

I am now at the beginning of season 5 and there was so much going on in the last episodes that tracking was almost impossible.

1. Ross tried to marry…again. I don’t know anyone personally who was standing at the altar and when it came to the moment they all were waiting for he simply called his future bride by the wrong name. I think that would be the right moment for the soil beneath your feet to just open up and make you disappear right the second…

2. Phobe tried to give birth, got triplets and a girls name is Chandler. Well Chandler was really working hard to convince Phoebe  before, that the second boy after Frank jr. jr. should be named after him. But who would have thought that in 1998 the ultrasonic was not yet sharp enough to show that a small, minor detail was missing on that boy.

3. Chandler and Monica tried to give it a try and succeded, all to Joeys surprise…well, at least he knows. This was really a surprise also for me when they both started to date each other. And it seems to be so right for both them that I even decided not to spoil the upcoming episodes to stay exited about it…

And in the end who appeared again, even only by his name? Funny enough, but again Donald Trump was mentioned when Chandler and Monica met him in front of the elevator while on their trip to spend some time together. If he war wearing a blue jacket again?

Beside this Ross moved out, in, got kicked out and moved in again. Rachel went alone to Athens, Phoebe was leaking, the duck ate the wedding ring, Joey met Fergi and finally someone uses his first mobile…puh, I really need to take a little break now. Maybe until next wee…no, better next weeken…no, maybe Friday…or better tomorrow. Latest. I am not good in handling turkeys, that is very clear now 🙂

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