Is there a life after Friends or The one with Donald and the laptop…

So is there a life after Friends and if so how does it look like? At least I remember there was one before, but today I found myself making similar gestures like Chandler when talking to someone with some passion: „Are you really sure that you want to do it like that?“ while wildly waiving my arms around and having that sceptic look with eyes wide open. And didn’t I even turn my head like he did with that sudden swing…so yes, I am becoming more and more of a Friend and part of the scene. Which is not so bad when having in mind that the series is already over since 14 years.

But there is hope when looking at occurences of the early episodes that may be a positive reminder today. Some of them are still present today, although in another shape or form. Look at Donald Trump for example, he and a blue jacket were mentioned already in 4-11, and he was already being discussed back then. And look where he is at today. Not to forget the „bad guy“ of a laptop that Chandler got it in 2-8 (The One with the List). It was equipped with a 500 MB hard drive and incredible 12 MB RAM…wow, I think todays On/Off buttons require more ressources than this speed demon of 1995.

So how does the future look like? Am I sitting in Central Perk with Donald Trump looking at a 9 inch laptop in 800×600 display resolution playing Solitaire?

Hmm, let me think that over…

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