Some of the most famous words in Friends or The one with the new definition

…there are three words that I came across on a regular basis when watching Friends. Those words are sophisticated, pathetic and awkward. So mostly persons in relationships (or those who were considered to be candidates for one) were described as sophisticated, while everyday situations of life were considered to be awkward, and attitudes were sometimes pathetic.

I was thinking about creating one word to describe them all at once. So what about patwarcated for example? Or sopawtic? Because yesterday I saw Ross all of a sudden hanging out with Janice in 5-12. And when thinking about her backround as the one that used to show up when you expect her the least and Ross as the one being really sad about everything, then I think this new relationsship could be considered to fit into my new definition of sopawtic. Because when the Friends found out about Ross and Janice the situation was really kind of awkward, while Janice’ attitude towards Joey (“now I got 2 out of 3 of you”) was definitely pathetic. But hey, her laughter is absolutely sophisticated…to some degree. So here we go, I found the very first situation that was really sopawtic. 

Somehow I do get the idea that it was a character like Ross that the Soggy Bottom Boys had in mind in O Brother where art thou when singing about the Man of constant sorrow . But can you really heal your sorrow with Lady Oh-my-god? Not sure…

Note: If you encouter more words like the about that I might have not noticed yet, so please leave me a comment. I am really curious…

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