What’s going on here or The one with the serious question #1

I figured that it would be time for something new. Therefore I just borrowed a picture of one of the latest episodes I saw while I asked myself „hmmm, what else might they think right now while looking like this“. So, that is the question to you. What was the situation here and what are Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe looking at?

  1. Monica just told them how much this room is a mess and that everyone of the 3 is expected to help cleaning. Otherwise she will never arrange dinner for Thanksgiving again. Ross and Joey run away already, therefore hopeless Chandlers look in the eyes
  2. They just found Ross and Joey having a nap together on Joeys couch. Very close and in a very intimate position
  3. They just watched the latest version of Smelly Cat that Phoebe was recording with Joey at the drums and Ross playing the original scottish bagpipe real weird
  4. Joey just shows Ross and the guys how you measure the correct size of tailor-made pants…in prison
  5. Ross and his alter ego Lovy Loverson just confessed their eternal love to Rachel
  6. Ric Flair appeared all of a sudden and took Ross into his finishing move the figure 4 leg lock while Joey was counting 1…2…3…Wooooo!

So, looking forward for receiving your answers and ideas in the comments. If you feel you have a total different idea about what might have happened here, feel free to let me know too 🙂

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